SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) entails a set of processes and methodologies to maintain, improve and manage SAP systems.

SAP AMS services include

  • Help desk
  • Functional and technical support
  • Programming and development
  • Implementation, maintenance and integral testing of solutions

Implementation of every SAP application requires SAP AMS services (internal or external).

Support services

It can also include

  • Application monitoring
  • Software and applications backup
  • Database support

Service features


A package of hours is hired, which if is not used, it can be transferred to the following month.


The shared services model allows us to provide the support that your users require quickly and on time.

24x7 support

We have a global customer service line, through a call referral system that can be attended at any time and in any place.

What are the benefits of having extern SAP AMS services?

  • Reduces cost per user
  • Maintains or even improves service levels and end-user’s satisfaction
  • Enables a cost-efficient structure, which can absorb demand fluctuations due to business changes
  • Single access point to the entire support necessary for SAP applications
  • Consulting team with deeper knowledge due to the experiences with multiple customers, processes and industries
  • Our resources are part of your team
  • Great integration with the IT team and end-users
  • Support for other local initiatives
  • Lower cost option
  • Grater flexibility for access to pool of consultants
  • Leverage knowledge and experience of other cases
  • Middle cost
  • The best of both options: local for intensive use consultants. Remote for less critical business issues
15 customers with monthly SAP AMS services
25 consultants with exclusive dedication


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