to manage his company

Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s is the Business Intelligence solution that will allow you to access all the information of your company in real time and improve decision making based on accurate data.

SAP Quialified Solution
Process Analytics Cloud para CFO SAP

The SAP Analytics Cloud accelerator developed by Process Technologies is oriented to CFO’s, based on the best financial management practices. Analyze the main indicators such as liquidity, profitability and the growth of your company. Make projections and intelligently detect which are the variables that most influence its utility.

With Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s you can have access to:

  • 14 dashboards
  • More than 60 reports
  • More than 80 KPI’s

Learn more details about the accelerator Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s.

The implementation of the Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s accelerator will take only TWO WEEKS (valid for SAP S/4HANA and SAP R3).

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