Your vehicles are talking.

It’s time to start listening them.

Process4Assets is the Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed for the monitoring, control and management of fleets in real time, allowing you to identify what is happening with your assets in motion, without needing to be informed.

Process4Assets was developed with standard SAP tools, so it is a solution that can be extended as much as you wish, without relying on a single provider. Define and model the frequency and variables to be measured based on your needs (speed, direction, location, stopping, door opening, temperature, taking pictures and even listening to conversations in the booth).

Process4Assets SAP gestión de flotas
Process4Assets Accelerator Package

Process4Assets Accelerator Package

Process Technologies is part of the Accelerator Package launched by SAP to help companies easily adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The accelerator program provides an open and flexible path to digital innovation for customers, offering a fixed scope with complete deliveries in less than 8 weeks.

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