SAP Success Factors


On average, the workforce represents 40% to 60% of a business’ operational expenses. Studies point out that, in this universe, 95% of the collaborators don’t know the objectives and strategic plans of the company, 50% of the workforce’s capacity is lost in unproductive activities, and that 84% of the companies don’t make the most out of their collaborators. In spite of this, many businesses are successful and profitable. Imagine all that could be achieved by strategically managing your most valuable resources.

Measure and analyze human resources anywhere and at any time. Get a valuable global vision of your staff. Turn the human resources department into a strategy advisor and drive your business’ efficiency towards the future.

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The solution scope:

  • Setting the objectives
  • Career plans
  • Performance measurement

Impact areas:

  • Compensation
  • Learning and knowledge
  • Succession
  • Evaluation, performance measurement and quality of the resources
  • Teams management information

Complementary tools:

  • Jam (collaborative tool) to manage corporative information, to create portals and promote communication
  • Analytics (over 2000 analytics and predefined metrics, in the style of Q&A, with graphics based on the information stored in all the mentioned processes.)

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