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Through SAP Leonardo Platform we help your business exploit all the IoT opportunities, integrating objects, people and processes to automate, adding intelligence to your apps or developing new solutions. Explore the endless advantages regarding control, operations, manufacture, logistics, customer service and the entire range of apps IoT can offer you.

SAP Vehicle Insights

SAP Vehicle Insights is the IoT solution designed for the monitoring, control and management of fleets in real time, identifying inconveniences and opportunities in the use of moving assets. Define and model the frequency and variables to be measured based on your needs (speed, direction, location, stops, opening doors, etc.).

SAP Vehicle Insights was developed with standard SAP tools, so it is a solution that can be extended as much as you wish, without relying on a single provider.

SAP Vehicle Insights allows you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Develop new business models
  • Visualize information in real time and make predictions
  • Integrate other application